Statement of Understanding

Overdue Accounts

When a family member engages Charters Towers Funerals to conduct funeral services for the deceased, they do so knowing that there will be some costs associated with the services provided by the Funeral Home. The family member or members who make the funeral arrangements are guided through the process by our staff who will advise the approximate cost for the chosen arrangements.

There are many costs that are required to be paid up front by our Funeral Home. These costs are called disbursements and may include Cremation or Cemetery Fees, Purchase of Coffin, Funeral Notices placed in Newspapers, Floral arrangements etc. These costs are paid by Charters Towers Funerals on behalf of the family. Were these costs not paid by Charters Towers Funerals no funeral service would be possible and no Death Certificate would be registered, therefore claims for Superannuation or Insurance from a deceased estate would not be possible. We pride ourselves on being compassionate and understanding but at the end of the day we provide a range of services for a fee which needs to be paid.

Charters Towers Funerals acknowledge that some family members experiencing grief might be unclear on the process involved in planning a funeral, thought processes may be clouded and decision making impaired at a very difficult time in someone's life. To assist with a clearer understanding of your responsibilities in engaging Charters Towers Funerals we have introduced a STATEMENT OF AGREEMENT which needs to be signed by the family member accepting responsibility for payment of our account for services.

Fees and Charges

The cost of a funeral varies greatly depending on the type of service chosen, however there are general fees and charges that are relevant to all funerals and may be imposed at the sole discretion of Charters Towers Funerals.

INTEREST of 2.5% per month may be charged on all overdue accounts.

Geoff Watson: Funeral Director

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